Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jeffie Schoep's JEWISH Daddy

This new blog that examines fascist Jeff Schoep's racist family members in a scientific attempt to discover how they could create such a dysfunctional lowlife.

Let's start with his Father...

Meet Jeff Schoep's daddie and occasional under the table employer Berdette Schoep. Berdette started his Hunting and outdoor clothing business in 1983 and is 63 years old.Schoep SR. and is t
he owner of Clarkfield outdoors which outdoor clothing manufacturer.

Corporate Headquarters:
Clarkfield Outdoors
1032 Tenth Avenue
Clarkfield, MN 56223

Sewing Machine Sweatshop location:
104 Main Ave N
Park Rapids, MN 56470
(218) 732-7405

Clarkfield Outdoors is reported to do around 1.5 Million in sales annually. We have had reports that the above address employs many non-whites whom work at or slightly above minimum wage.

Berdette also owns the house where Jeffie lives and runs NSM Records.

Jeffrey Schoep's Mommie is a Lawyer!

Big News Schoop!

For the first time ever we show the world whom gave us the traitor Jeff Schoep. The leader of American's Nazi Party was really born from from a lawyer! Jeff's mom is attorney Linda Schoep, 52, who is the co-owner of the Law Firm: Schoep and McCashin. Give her a call and ask her why her son turned out to be such a worm... Was he molested while a child? Did daddy beat the shit out of him too much? Or was it just bad potty training?

1321 Broadway
Alexandria, MN 56308

Phone 320-763-3634
Toll Free: 877-763-3634

Some of Jeff Schoep's Criminal Record

While Schoep was working ruthlessly to promote the NSM, he was otherwise unemployed and committing a string of the sort of petty crimes he typically ascribes to niggers, according to Minnesota court records. In 1998, for example, Schoep was arrested for helping the mother of his daughter steal $4,000 in computer equipment. He later pleaded guilty and got off with probation, but not before the sentencing judge pointed out Schoep's obvious hypocrisy. The NSM, she said, "does not condone fathering children around the countryside and taking no financial responsibility. And it does not condone the commission of crimes. I also know that your organization believes that there are various minority groups in this country who do that on a regular basis."

The truth was out: Jeff Schoep regularly acts like a nigger and has god knows how many kids spread around Minnesota.